Realtek 8111G driver for Esxi 7.0

Hello everyone

I installed a network card with Realtek 8111G chip in my Pc with Esxi 7.0

From the shell of Esxi 7.0 I can see the network cards (see image01.png)

But from the management interface of Esxi 7.0 I can't see the network cards

I see only the main network card (see image02.png)

I have deduced that the drivers must be installed, probably.

Where can I retrieve the drivers to install on Esxi 7.0 and how to install them?

Thank you

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Hey mspoto​,

Look what i found searching a little bit. One guy faced your same issue: Sysadmin Stories: Adding Realtek 8111 driver to vSphere 6.7 image

Maybe you can make it work if it is a Lab environment but i guess it will be best effort.

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