Ran out of PTR blocks, can't create new VMs on datastore

We are experiencing an issue creating any new VMs (and sometimes powering on existing VMs) on a particular datastore.

We have enough space, close to 1TB and the VMs are much smaller (40-100GB).

When we try to deploy a new VM from a template, we get an error :

"Insufficient disk space on datastore"

Similar to this discussion :

0 Free PTR blocks - unable to create new files on datastore

We noticed the similarity to the above discussion because we can see our PTR Blocks are also low or zero. Can anyone provide more information on PTR blocks? How are they determined, are they related to inodes, how do we increase them per datastore?

I'm surprised this isn't documented more in a KB. The above discussion was the only mention I found of this issue.

Any ideas? How can I create more VMs on this datastore?

(vCenter 6.0 and ESXi 6.0 with latest updates)

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Did you check the latest vmware.log file inside VM folder when you're unable to power on VM. That is the first step to start troubleshoot with.

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