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Question About Paths To Fiber Storage

We recently implemented a Cisco UCS and connected our VNX 5300 to it directly. Each blade is running vSphere 5.0 Update 2 and was configured to have 4 vHBAs (2 connected to the SPA (A and A2) and 2 connected to SPB (B and B2) on the VNX). When I look at the LUNs on each host I see 4 paths to the storage:

A --> port A-6 on the VNX

A2 --> port A-6 on the VNX

B --> port B-7 on the VNX

B2 --> port B-7 on the VNX

I have A-7 and B-6 also connected. Shouldn't I also see paths from A and A2 to port A-7 on the VNX as well as from B to port B-6 and B2 to port B-6 listed? This is what I would expect since the VNX is an active/active array and the LUNs are configured to be round robin/VMW_SATP_ALUA_CX.

Any ideas? This is causing issues because all of my traffic is going to two ports on my VNX.


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