Query on V Sphere Client License required.

Hi All, 

I am a amature on the virtualisation products line. Please can I take advise on the below please.  

  1. We are running Intel NUC as a bare metal host ESXi server
  2. At least three (3) guest servers are to be operating at any one time
  3. ESXi version is 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 14320388). Will the licence match this specific version?
  4. We will be using the web management interface to maintain, hence ESXi product by itself is good enough and we don’t need any other advanced features.

Is it the "VMware vSphere Essentials Kit” that we have to buy for this requirement?   

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VMWare vSphere Essential Kit

Each kit consists of six processor licenses for vSphere and a license for one instance of vCenterServer for Essentials. Scalability limits for the kits are product-enforced and cannot be extended other than by upgrading the whole kit to an Acceleration Kit.

The vCenter Server Essentials is limited and can only manage up to 3 servers with 2 PCUs each.

In general all licenses are sold with a support contract and software subscription.

More information and details in the following link:

Current licenses are sold for version 7, but you can downgrade to version 6 if needed.
You must register your licenses with VMware with a user and password, we recommend using your company email for free registration.
You must also verify that your Server and/or Hardware is compatible with the version of VMware you want to install on your servers.
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