Problem with ESXi6.2


I hope all people that read this are fine. I have problem with ESXi, password for remote management access is not recognised and in console, screen is grey and keyboard and mouse doesn't work. I tried plug other keyborad in differents usb port of server unsuccessfully.

The server is a Dell Poweredge 720, also as the server has two db15 port, I tried on front port and the screen is grey too.

Somebody has any ideas what happening? Please, any feedback is welcome, thakns.

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If you do not have access to the ESXi server console and the keyboard and mouse are not working properly, there are few things you can do.
You should verify that there are no hardware alarms (active amber LEDs) on the front and back of the server.
If you have access to the iDRAC7 Enterprise port (remote management port of the server) you could check the server and have access to the ESXi console.
If you have active VMs on the ESXi Host can you manage them by IP ? If so you could shut them down
What remains is to turn off the server (power button) wait a few minutes and turn it back on to see if you regain control of the console and the keyboard and mouse.

When you turn on the server a good idea would be to enter the server's bios and check the Hardware log.

To perform some of these tasks you should consult the server's service manual.


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