Proble, with datastore on NFS-Share

I have a Folder tree on my NAS4Free which is exclusively for ISO-Images. It has a NFS-share on it

Under ESXi 5.1, I created a new datastore  using NFS and with IP-Adress; the path is /mnt/vStorage/SOFTWARE

This seems to work at first sight.

1. Using one of These ISOs as boot-CD for a new VM, the VM changes to the PXE-Environment without using the ISO-IMage. I am sure that the CD-Drive is connected.

1b. Copying the Image to a datastore local on ESXi, anything works fine.

2. After rebooting ESXi, the datastore pointing to an NFS-share is greyed out and listed in kursiv Letters.

Is there something more to consider ?

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