Printing issues with GPO and Clones

Printing problem-gpo printers not getting pushed to clones

I have a printer server (virtual) and 160 vm's.

I push the printers to the clones (windows 7) through group policy on server 2003 and this worked really well for a long time.

Recently in the past month, something changed and now the clones only some of them get the printers not all.

In a lab of 30, only randomly 15 or so will get the printers.

I have compared one clone that gets a printer with a clone that doesnt and nothing is differnt and nothing is in the event logs. I did the group policy wizard to compare. The clone that doesnt get the printer is exactly like the one that does.

I made a new server 2008 and put the printers and drivers on it, and tested it once in a lab of 30 and everyone got their printer. So I went fourth and added all printers and took the other server offline and this week is the same story. Not every clone is getting printers.

Any ideas?

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First you need to rollout if any updated installed on system where its not working as its working on few .

At last you may rollback server .

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