Poor storage performance.

Hey guys,

I have a home lab with the below specs where I am observing poor storage performance. Here are the storage specs.

- LSI 9266-8i Controller

- RAID10 with 4 X 2TB RE4 WD 64MB Cache SATA 3Gbps disks

- Strip Size = 1024K

Attached is a screenshot of the Seq. Read/Write Speeds pulled from Parkdale.

Please advise - what I can do to improve the Read/Speeds.

Thank you.

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I'm looking at the screenshot, and do not understand. Where is that "poor storage performance"? All I see are results typical for given configuration: traditional HD, with slow interface. BTW, where did you measure it? I mean, where on the drive? Traditional drives do not have constant i/o speed, but rather constant bit-density. So on the outer track you get higher i/o (because higher number of sectors per cylinder) than on the inner track. This ratio might be 2:1, or even more...

You want higher read speed? That's simple: add more drives to raid0-stripe, switch from sata/3Gbps to 6Gbps (or sas), or switch to SSD.

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