Please help me solution, VMplayer how to make clone one

Hello guys.

This is my first time finding out about VMware.

There's a program in the office that's turned to VM players, and it's like VMware is monitoring CPU ID, IP, and so on.

When I did hard copy and ran at home, I felt the movement and asked if I would 'copy it' or 'move it' the relevant data.

Whichever option you choose, the program inside the VM player tells you to enter a Re-activation key.

So, I added some text at the config.vmx as below.


uuid.action = "keep"                                                                         

cpuid.1.eax = "00000000000001010000011011100011"                  > origin pc cpuid

cpuid.1.edx = "10111111111010111111101111111111"                  > origin pc cpuid


But, uuid.location is changed.

I wonder if the structure can be run only on a designated PC.

I'd like some advice from my seniors.

Thank you.

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