Petition VMware to Open Source ESXi Thick Client

It's been almost 3 years (1189 days to be exact) since kgottleib openly complained about the web client:

vSphere Web Client SUCKs so bad that my experience managing and supporting VMware has turn to SH**!

I was able to live with a slightly dysfunctional hybrid of old thick client, and the web UI, but as of 6.5 build 5969303, VMware has decided to fully deprecate the old thick client and it will NOT connect.

Despite promises to make the Web UI better, VMware seems incapable of actually delivering a reliable web product, and after 1189 days, 169365 views, and 213 Likes, I don't have any faith in VMware management to resolve this issue.

Instead, I'd like to ask the VMware community to petition Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware (actually - might as well petition the entire executive team and board), to Open Source the old thick client. I have far greater faith in the VMware community to create a reliable piece of software than this multi-billion dollar travesty. I'm sure it'd be quicker and cheaper to upload the source to GitHub than to continue this charade of broken promises. This would also free up VMware development and testing resources to focus on making their virtualization products great again - instead of trying to be a failed web company.

If you support this petition: Like this post or add your comments.

In a few weeks I'll hand deliver it to their Palo Alto office - that's how pissed off I am.


Grant Henderson

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Sign us up too.

MS Hyper V is where we will also go...good bye VMUnderwear you bunch of pundits who refuse to listen to your customers.

ONLY thing they are interested in is lining their we must STOP giving them any.

No Goddamn way we go to 6.5 with Web Only access...huge waste of time....HUGE.

And because of this....I hope they rot in Hell.


Or you could learn to do it all in PowerShell.... oh yeah but some things don't work with that either.. Smiley Happy


I could see how this would be AMAZING! Github repo + VMware Thick Client = Happiness. I see the community doing an EXCELLENT job of making the Thick Client the better management solution (this group of OCD nerds would willingly sacrifice hours of there free-time to ensure not a single button was out of place). More than that, the potential for USEFUL add-ons is massive (from task automation to the creation of a 'help desk' version of the client that enables us to better empower our front-line support). Let's make this happen please.


Although this post is nine months old now and only received 21 likes (!?), I totally support it.

We will stay on vSphere 6.0 until they deliver something useable. We practically skipped the Flash hell and are now trying the HTML5 Fling. But 99 % of the time we're still using the C# client, it works SO MUCH better than anything else.

And we're talking about an enterprise environment with 200+ hosts and 2,700+ VMs, 10.5 THz CPU and 84.3 TB memory. I don't know how many millions we're paying to VMware... they SHOULD LISTEN.



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