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Let me post in this forum, even if my issue is related to an old ESXi 3.5.0 server.

I need to troubleshoot performance problems, because my guest VM get slower and slower.

I look at the performances and don't see (maybe I look at the wrong place...) any meaningful problem: CPU usage (average) range from 40 to 80%, memory usage (average) range from 77 to 84%, memory granted (average) is about the same as physical memory, uptime is 36 days.

Does anybody see any meaningful problem?

Should I reboot the host on a per week basis?

What further counter should I look at?

Is there any documentation about the right performance troubleshooting procedure?

Suggestions, pointers and hints welcome!



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A couple of questions first - how many VMs are running on this ESXi host? What are their configurations in terms of memory and vCPUs? Did this recently start happening or is this been a problem since the server cam on line? What is the configuration of your ESXi host - memory, physical  CPUs, how do you connect to storage?

The key metrics to look at are:

  • For CPU contention look at the CPU Ready Time metric
  • For Memory look at he Balloon Driver metric

Some best pracices -

  • Make sure all your VMs have VMware Tools installed
  • Make sure all your VMs have single vCPU unless absolutely necessary

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