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Packet loss doing real time media. Suspect issue in ESXi driver

I have been testing a real time communication server (so rather network intensive). We see packet loss when testing in VMware that we don't see in Hyper-V or physical machines (using the same hardware)

I am able to get around the packet loss by configuring NIC in passthrough and installing the OEM drivers on the guest operating system.

Installing VMware tools and increasing the number of recieve buffers on the guest operating system helps, but packet loss is only eliminated using passthrough.

I suspect that the number of recieve buffers need to be increased on the driver used by the ESXi hypervisor. My theory is that the packet loss is caused by the recieve buffers filling up resulting in dropped packets. But I do not know how to approach reconfiguring the driver in ESXi. This step is fairly simple and effective in Hyper-V.

Any ideas/recommendations?

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