PF Exception 14 in world 32768


I am getting this error "PF Exception 14 in world 32768" in installing VMARE 5.5 EXi Server.


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Issues like this are often related to either unsupported/defective hardware, or BIOS versions/settings issues. Please provide more details about the hardware (system, vendor, CPUs, RAID controller, network adapters, ...) you are using. You may also want to check whether the hardware is supported (see VMware Compatibility Guide).


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André is right, I can see from picture enclosed that you running ESXi on laptop, or it's just monitor from Lenovo on the picture... ?!Smiley Happy

Ca you provide more details about your HW, please?

If you have ESXi installed directly on non-server (laptop) HW is always hit or miss ... because some components are usually unsupported (ie. disk controllers, NICs ...)

I found very simmilar PSOD for ESXi which was caused by missing C-State information to be exposed by the BIOS...see:

VMware KB: Fujitsu RX300 S5 fails with a purple diagnostic screen with "no symbols" on VMw...

PSOD type is Exception 14: Page Fault A page fault (Exception 14) occurs when the page being requested has not been successfully loaded into memory.

For detailed info see:

VMware KB: Understanding Exception 13 and Exception 14 purple diagnostic screen events in ESX 3.x/4....

So it is definitely worth to check your HW components support on VMware HCL and update your HW firmware like BIOS etc. to latest revisions.

If you found your CPU supported but other components not, think about nested virtualization using VMware Workstation.

More on this you can find here:

VMware KB: Support for running ESXi/ESX as a nested virtualization solution

VMware KB: Installing ESXi 5.x in VMware Workstation



PS: Because you have 5.5 U1 build: 1623387 I would recommend update your image to latest build which address and resolves Heartbleed vulnerability issue, see:

VMware KB: VMware ESXi 5.5, Patch ESXi-5.5.0-20140404001-no-tools

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