PCI Passtrough Limit? Devices are staying on "Needs Reboot"

Hey there,

i have a setup, where i've passtroughed my GPU and a USB-Controller to a VM which i use as a Desktop on my ESXi.

(AMD RX480 and a Fresco Logic FL1100 USB 3.0 Host Controller)

I also wanted to enable passtrough on my Qualcom Atheros Killer E25000 Gigabit Nic and on another Renesas Teechnolocy Corp uPD720201 USB 3.0 Host Controller.

Unfortunately for the Qualcom NIC and the other USB Host Controller Passtrough is enabled but it stays at the "Needs Reboot" state.

The esx.conf list both devices as passtrough:

Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Controller:

/device/00000:006:00.0/owner = "passthru"
/device/00000:006:00.0/device = "e0b1"
/device/00000:006:00.0/vendor = "1969"

Renesas Teechnolocy Corp uPD720201 USB 3.0 Host Controller

/device/00000:009:00.0/vendor = "1912"
/device/00000:009:00.0/device = "14"
/device/00000:009:00.0/owner = "passthru"

Since they both devices are pending in the "Needs reboot" state i wanted to ask if there exists a Limit on how much devices can be passtroughed?

Obviously this is not supported - but it never hurts to ask if we are talking about homelabs 😉

ESXi is running on 6.7 U2

Best regards!

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Do you use USB  to boot the ESXi ?

If yes - read

Add a PCI Device

I would assume that the "Needs Reboot"  appears when the ESXi actively uses the device in question.

Do you need support with a recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
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