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Optical Ethenet connection: can I use the "passthrough"

I have a Dell XR12 running ESXi 7.0 with 4 on-board optical connections (SFP28) .

I want to passthrough these connections directly to a VM without a vSwitch.

I've seen that it is possible to passthrough ethernet connections on PCI boards but I've not seen anything referring to "on-board/motherboard" connectors.

Does anyone know if it is possible?

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I have not done a passthrough with any onboard sfp network devices, but I have with copper 1gb nics following the standard passthrough documentation - https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/com.vmware.vsphere.networking.doc/GUID-386F225C-C890-4.... As long as those onboard nics are supported and esxi has drivers, you should be able to pass through any onboard devices. I have a home lab with an intel nuc that I have passed through the intel integrated gfx to a VM (it prevents you from using DCUI just fyi)

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yes you can if you find it in vCenter: Host - Configure - PCI Devices and is there the possibility to enable Passthrough.

When you will enable it then it should be disconnected from vSwitch (or not used).

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