One of Two vSphere ESX4i hosts cannot find new iSCSI LUN

Current Setup:
  • Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN
  • 2 ESXi hosts (esx01, esx02) running ESXi 4.0.0
  • vSphere version 4.0.0
  • 6 LUNs configured
  • 2 Datastores shared between esx01 and esx02 (Datastore01, Datastore02)

What I'm trying to do:

Add a 3rd shared Datastore accessible by both esx01 and esx02 (called Datastore03)
What I did:
  1. Setup new LUN on the SAN
  2. 2. On esx01, rescanned/refreshed the Storage Adapters. This caused a new entry to appear under the Details > View (Devices) section of the Storage Adapters screen.
  3. Also on esx01, I then went to Storage > Add Storage > Disk/LUN, selected the identified LUN and added it as Datastore03.
  4. Verified that Datastore03 shows under the Datastores list on the Storage screen.


What's not working:
I did the same Storage Adapter rescan/refresh on esx02, however this did not result in the new LUN appearing under the Details > View (Devices) section. This means that I'm not able to get the esx02 server to recogize Datastore03 (it does not appear under the Datastores list on the Storage screen).
However - When I click on Properties on the Details section of the Storage Adapters tab and look at the Static Discovery tab, I do see it as an iSCSI target as target name
What I've tried:

  • Multiple rescans/refreshes of the iSCSI Software Adapter
  • Multiple refreshes of the Datastores list on the Storage screen
  • Reboot of esx02 host
  • Reboot of the vSphere vCenter server

It has been awhile since I last added Datastore02, but it worked without issue at that time, so I'm unsure of what else to check at this point.

Anyone have suggestions?

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Have you set the correct access rules on Eql side?

Also, have to set the volume to be shared (still on Eql side)?


Andre | | | @Andrea_Mauro

I went in and checked the EqualLogic settings after your suggestion, and sure enough, there was a checkbox to "Allow simultaneous connections from initiators with different IQN names" that was unchecked. I didn't remember checking this in the past, but when I looked at the other datastores, it was enabled.

After enabling it on the new DS, it works as expected.

Thanks you for your help.

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Thank you berberich!  I forgot about the check box for "Allow simultaneous connections...." and that did the trick!  

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