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Old inactive vdmk-files is still being modified.

I hope that I post this on the correct board now. 

I have a question about old vmdk-files. We are using veeam as a backup to vmware-machines. And once a month (aprox) one or two of the veeam-replicas in our environment gets corrupt so we have to recreate the replica-job.

we haven't been up to par when it comes to tidy up the old machines, often we only erase the machine in "host and clusters" UI or just rename "can be deleted". But don't delete them from the storage. 

But now the storage have started to be clogged up with a couple of old replicas, so I have taken it upon myself to clean it up. Usually I'll just check the vmx-file name and date to see if it connected to a live-VM or if its one of the older VMs. And if it all looks good. I'll delete through the veeam-application. 

But I have noticed that on some of the machines, even though they've been inactive for a while, the vmdk-files of the replica is "modified" on todays date. Even though I know that that particular VM/replicas has been inactive for a while. Most of the other files in the VMs file location haven't been modified since it was disabled, however. 

Server1 has a replica job, Server1_rep.
The job gets corrupted and I remove the Server1_rep-clone from Host and clusters, and recreate a new replica job (Server1_rep2) from the veeam-application.
A month later the new job (Server1_rep2) starts acting out so I'll recreate the operation again. But when I check the files under storage I can see that Server1_reps vmdk-files is modified as late as today. Even though is hasn't been run for a month, and the job and the machine connected to the file was removed.

How come the vdmk-file is still being modified? Is it safe to remove that file or can it be connected i any way to its live machine?

I'm thankful for any answer, and hopefully I made some kind of sense. 😃


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