Obtaining vCenter Params From Within a Web Client Plugin

I am somewhat experienced with vCenter server plugin development, but completely new to this whole Web Client Plugin development, so be gentle please. I did a few searches online, but could not find the answer.

I am developing a vCenter server app which is three tiered:

- A vCenter server extension that runs in its own servlet container. It is an extension to vCenter server (call it component-A)

- A client component that has a client service plugin (a piece that runs inside Virgo server, call it component-B), flex front end (call it component C).

When a call comes from C to B, B needs to do some validation, and potentially talk to either vCenter server, or to component A.

Q1: In my component B, sitting on the Virgo server, how can I reliably find host/IP address of vCenter server, and the cleartext/https ports it is listening to (I need cleartext, since I am doing tunneling to be able to pass my certificate). Perhaps I can assume the vCenter is on the localhost and be right most of the time, though it is not guaranteed to be true all the time.

Q2:Assuming vCenter is using a self-signed cert, which the user accepted as trustworthy. How can I discover this trust from within my component B, such that I do not need to ask the user whether she/he trusts that cert again.

I am certain both these pieces are available to the Web Client Server, I just don't know how to get them, even though component B is running inside the same servlet container as that of the Web Client Server.


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