No one can answer? vm console issue as :The VMRC console has disconnected.. attempting to reconnect

Hi All,.

Please help me in reolving the issue.

I am facing the issue in opening vm console from vcenter 5.0.

On only one ESXi 5.0 build :702118 there are 2 vm's both are facing the same issue.

The VMRC console has disconnected.. attempting to reconnect.

other vm's that are running on other ESXi servers can able to see the console.

Issue here is i am facing issue on standalone ESXi server.

I tried,

1. using vsphere client directly connected to ESXi and take console

2. uninstall and install latest version of vsphere client

nothing helped me.

screen shot pasted here.

Answeres are much appreciated.


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Have you 2 mgmt networks set up perhaps? if so

Otherwise, is DNS set up correctly between your hosts and vCenter and verify the other pieces

from are in place

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