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New to VMware 5, and require guidance to build a design

Hi All,

I am new to VMware, but have been tasked to deliver a new VMware ESXi 5 Environment consisting of 3 x ESX Hosts (one for DR), using a HP SAN Storage Solution.

Embarking on something like this scares me, as I havent really been given the requirements, but all that is at present is it will host a new Exchange 2010 Environment with all Exchange Roles to have their own VM Server, but in total am looking at approx 20-40 VMs.

Have managed to start the document focussing on core components such as network, storage, vcenter management, array and LUN setup etc...

But feel like my document is too light......so....what would your recommendations be to help me deliver a design document?

Help appreciated!

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PV04 wrote:

what would your recommendations be to help me deliver a design document?

Welcome to this community,

Below are the few suggestion for including in Design doc.

BoM :- Bill of Material of Hardware to be used complete configuraiton (CPU, Memory, NIC speed, HDD, FC or ISCSI etc.)

VMware vSphere license selection

Feature details for the selected license

vCenter BoM(what is the OS, what is the CPU and RAM size required)

vCenter database details.

No of VM with configuration details (how many vcpu, how  much RAM etc)

Network configuration(management, VM, Vmkernel etc)

Storage configuraiton.

Template setup.

HA and DRS details.

Naming standards to be used.

Exchange on VMware best pratise document.

Backup mechanism.

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Thanks & Regards Dharshan S VCP 4.0,VTSP 5.0, VCP 5.0
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