New ESXi host - can ping gateway, cannot ping dns server

I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I haven't found a relevant article after days of searching.
I recently racked a new Dell R730 that came with the latest version of ESXi pre-installed by Dell.

After realizing I either had to update all other hosts in my core infrastructure or downgrade this one, I went with downgrading this one.

Note:  After configuring the network settings on the newer install of ESXi, I could ping fine and could web into the host.

I grabbed the matching build number of ESXi that my other hosts currently have and installed it as a fresh install on the new server.

Since then, I can't get it to communicate correctly over the network.

I've looked at the hosts file, it matches the formatting of my other hosts.

I've tried different static IPs, different host names, nothing works.

When you test the management network, it pings the gateway fine, but can't ping the primary or backup DNS servers, and i can't ping the IP of the host from any other machine.

What is also weird is that upon a fresh install, it grabs DHCP settings perfectly, but I can't even ping that address, even after a network settings reset.

Please help.  I'm sure this is a noob question, so my preemptive apologies to those rolling their eyes right now.

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Kindly advise about the network configuration on the hosts:

  • Selected network adpaters
  • VLAN ID if exist
  • Type of up-links connected to physical switches (Trunk o access)
  • the management network and DNS server's sub-nets are different or same ?

please advise for understanding in order to help you,

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