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I hope you can help me figure out why I am seeing what I am seeing. I have an ESXi server that has a 2 port NIC dedicated to the default management port group. This port group is set for vlan 1, which is my subnet. The ESXi server has an IP of and I can hit it no problem. 

The first screenshot I have attached shows you this port group and the two vnics attached. The second screenshot shows you vnic2 and the third screenshot shows you vnic1. Both of the vnics are saying the discovered subnet 1 is, which is showing as vlan 1. Is this just a default or should I be seeing a truly discovered subnet that should be in the subnet, as configured.

The two nics are connected to two access ports on a physical switch. The ports on the physical switch are trunked and setup in a static LAG. The LAG is also tagged for vlan 1. Am I doing anything wrong? I think I got it right.


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From what I understand you have the vlan1 configured as management of the ESXi host, connected to two interfaces where the switch has the trunk for vlan1, so I would say right configuration in fact you can reach your ESXi.

I saw also another discussion about this topic, but first check this blog post:

Than there's also another discussion about this observed IP range at the vnic level:

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