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Nested virtualization running ESXi 7 in KVM

Hey folks,


I managed to install ESXi7 in kvm finally: 😍





virt-install \
--virt-type kvm \
--hvm \
--name vmware \
--os-variant=rhel7.0 \
--vcpus 4 \
--cpu host-passthrough \
--machine q35 \
--features kvm_hidden=on \
--ram 16384 \
--disk path=/mnt/kvm-lab/vmware-system.qcow,size=10,format=qcow2,sparse=true,bus=sata \
--disk path=/mnt/kvm-lab/vmware-vms.qcow,size=100,format=qcow2,sparse=true,bus=sata \
--check disk_size=off \
--graphics spice \
--video qxl \
--network bridge=br0,model=vmxnet3 \
--metadata title='ESXi 7.0' \
--cdrom /home/iso/VMware-VMvisor-Installer-7.0U1-16850804.x86_64.iso



However running some stress on the VM can kill the host. It is a Q35 vm type. Do you have any more idea for tweaks to apply to prevent this? For now I just running idling vms it does not crash it, I will keep on testing.

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