Need help esxi 5.5 on raid 1 with Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II


I'm trying to install ESXi 5.5 on Intel motherboard SR1530cl with Intel ® Embedded Server RAID Technology II. ESXi but sees only the individual HDD, tell me how to be, since Intel assures that the raid is working with ESXi

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No, you mis-interpreted the document. It says:

Want More? Intel Hardware RAID Solutions Offer:


•VMware* ESXi Virtualization Support

So if you want RAID with ESXi-support ("more"), then you need "Intel Hardware RAID". But that is not part of this server/motherboard:

"...The Intel® Server Board SC000VCL on-board SATA/SAS controller will support the RAID Arrays..."

On-board "fake-raid" (software-raid, bios-raid) is *NOT* supported. ESXi supports either stand-alone raid controllers, or add-on chips/modules with hardware-raid chip (IIRC even Intel makes these add-on cards)

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VMware Employee

It clearly says it does not support ESXi. ESXi virtualization will work only with hardware RAID.

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