NPIV support for fcoe?

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NPIV supports on FC as we create multiple VPORT on physical HBA. I just want to know, will NPIV work on FCOE or CNA interface. can we create multiple VPORT on CNA interface/FCOE



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    As of now its not Supported.

The following requirements exist:

NPIV can be used only for virtual machines with RDM disks. Virtual machines with regular virtual disks use the WWNs of the host’s physical HBAs.

HBAs on your host must support NPIV.

For information, see the vSphere Compatibility Guide and refer to you vendor documentation.

Use HBAs of the same type, either all QLogic or all Emulex. VMware does not support heterogeneous HBAs on the same host accessing the same LUNs.

If a host uses multiple physical HBAs as paths to the storage, zone all physical paths to the virtual machine. This is required to support multipathing even though only one path at a time will be active.

Make sure that physical HBAs on the host have access to all LUNs that are to be accessed by NPIV-enabled virtual machines running on that host.

The switches in the fabric must be NPIV-aware.

When configuring a LUN for NPIV access at the storage level, make sure that the NPIV LUN number and NPIV target ID match the physical LUN and Target ID.

Use the vSphere Client to manipulate virtual machines with WWNs.

ESXi with NPIV supports the following items:

NPIV supports vMotion. When you use vMotion to migrate a virtual machine it retains the assigned WWN.

If you migrate an NPIV-enabled virtual machine to a host that does not support NPIV, VMkernel reverts to using a physical HBA to route the I/O.

If your FC SAN environment supports concurrent I/O on the disks from an active-active array, the concurrent I/O to two different NPIV ports is also supported.

When you use ESXi with NPIV, the following limitations apply:

Because the NPIV technology is an extension to the FC protocol, it requires an FC switch and does not work on the direct attached FC disks.

When you clone a virtual machine or template with a WWN assigned to it, the clones do not retain the WWN.

NPIV does not support Storage vMotion.

Disabling and then re-enabling the NPIV capability on an FC switch while virtual machines are running can cause an FC link to fail and I/O to stop.

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Do the NPIV work on FCOE or CNA interfaces in Esxi 5.5.


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