NFS behaviour with vSwitch vs. DirectPath NIC

I have had this NFS issue on ESX 5-6.5, and I have never been successful in working out which part of ESX is causing the issue.

I think it's something to do with the vSwitch uplink.

My home has a ESX 6.5 server with Debian/Nas4Free VMs, and a QNAP NAS.

To test the issue I have 2 separate networks between Debian and QNAP box - one using vSwitch and one via Directpath NIC.

1. vSwitch with 1 uplink e1000 interface , 2 VMs connected

2. 1 Intel dual port NIC direct path to Debian VM on directly connected to QNAP NAS (Debian VM also has a VMXNET NIC to

3. 1 Nas4Free VM using the vSwitch with

4. 1 QNAP NAS at and

From my Debian VM, if I try to mount NFS volume from Nas4Free, it works fine. If I try to mount NFS volume from QNAP it times out (also rpcinfo -p timesout, showmount -e takes forever)

From my Debian VM, if I try to mount the QNAP NFS volume using the address ,it works perfectly.

So what can people suggest about the vSwitch / NIC Uplink that causes NFS to not work ?

Appreciate some ideas.



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