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Right now I have a cluster of ESXI system (5.1-6.0u2) all of them are using their own local datastore. I created a common NFS (R/O) share for ISO that we use to do a one time install of the vms onto the local ESXI Host.

Roll forward a few years, I have over 300 system that say they are pointed to the NFS Share. However this "point" is for a virtual CD/DVD drive and not the actually VM itself. If I try to remove the mount form the web I get this warning

The datastore is accessible from the hosts listed below. The host(s) will no longer have access to the virtual machine files on this datastore once the access is removed. If the datastore is unmounted from all hosts it will disappear from the inventory.

I try to remove it and it says it cant, because it is in use. But its really not. its a virtual CD/DVD used at the time of install and never unmounted.

To make matters worse is that some of these system have snapshots and these nfs links are embedded into the snapshot itself so i cant remove the ISO in the virtual drive if i wanted to.

So does anyone have an elegant solution to resolve this.

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You will have to delete the Snapshots and then detach the CD/DVD ISO mount from the NFS.

Unless all the ISO mounts from the NFS datastore are not removed you cannot unmount the NFS volume

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