Most pratical way to transfer files to VMs from Development Station

I have my laptop that has Visual Studio 2019.  We also have an ESXI with many VMs.  I want to setup the most efficient way to program on my laptop,  compile, and then it'd be nice to just hit a button that pushes the newly compiled programs to 2 or more of the VMs on the ESXi for network testing. 

The options I can think of.

Browser / Datastore / Upload then downloading them on the VMs...  really not as efficient as I'd like.  Especially with multiple files that I want to push.

Building a script / program to sftp all of them to the datastore,  then also pull them from the datastore to the VM.  A lot more work but then requires me to open up SSH and ESXi warning messages makes me wonder how vulnerable that would be having that on all of the time.

I guess I could develop and test all on my local machine but I was hoping to use the Vms.

Is there a better way I'm not thinking of?

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You do not need ssh to the ESXi

You need ssh to your guests only

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Does your laptop have network access to the guest OS in the VMs?

If so, you could do a file transfer directly into the VM guest OS, no need for anything on ESXi.

If your laptop and your VMs are all Windows, map a drive or open a UNC connection to a shared drive and copy files over.

If any other OS, you could use SCP or NFS or some other file transfer protocol.


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