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Monitoring Question - Seeking opinions

Hello all,

I am a windows admin in a windows shop.  But we run a medium size VMware ESX 5.0 - 5.1 farm.

We use mostly Quest BBMon and Quest Foglight to monitor all our stuff, but we have never monitored our ESX hosts before. Well, recently one of them lost a bunch of disks and got stupid (but did not crash).  So Now I need to setup some monitoring.  My budget is zero.

What do you use to monitor your ESX hosts??  Disks and processes??

I know I can monitor connectivity with BBMon and no client.  But the client install for BBMon is not supported by either VMware or Quest.  And when I tried to force it on a 5.1 host, things started to turn a little ugly (recall, I am NOT an *nix admin).  Please help!

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