Monitoring ESXi 5.0 - How to get info of Particural VMs on which ESX hosts They Reside at the Time


I've got the question, if you could hopefully help me with.

Increased ESX monitoring is required for only particular application that resides on number of VMs, but the ESX cluster hold many other VMs. As all VMs move from host to host - we need to filter ESX monitoring data for particular hosts that host particular VMs (that the application resides on) at the time of collected monitoring value - otherwise it is irrelevant for this particular application.

So that ESX monitored data is somehow filtered...(VMs will be monitored as well, but there is no issue with that)

I plan to use Veeam with SCOM 2012 but this has to come out from vCenter, but as far as I am aware this info is not natively provided.

Suggested was Cirba software - would that be a good option and how would it work ? Or any other suggestions ..?

Many thanks.

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