Migrating a 2003 Server - Problems

In working through the migration again I see that the first time I didn't choose any services to stop. I bet that was the problem, wasn't it?

If I stop services via the Standalone Converter do they start again after the conversion is done?



I'm running ESXI 5.1 and recently used the Standalone Converter to copy a Windows Server 2003 R2 server to this new ESXI 5.1 Server.

The 2003 server is running RSA software on it - that's the stuff that allows you to log in with a 6 digit key that generates on a little fob you carry around.

When I first booted up the server it acted funky - hard to operate - no network connectivity - sluggish performance. After I installed VMWare Tools on it it straightened out.

However, the RSA software wasn't functioning. I had one message about a missing file.

When I use VMWare Standalone Converter I'm copying the contents of a live running file server. What happens with files that are locked open? Do they not copy over?

Is there a better way to copy a live op system from a server to a virtual?

Thanks much for any insights.

Mike Gallery

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you can choose whether you want to stop the services on the source or the destination. you might just need to scroll to the right on that section.

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