Method to create a VM that can view the consoles of other VMs

I want to be able to create a VM guest (a "video proxy" for want of a better terms) that has the ability to view the consoles of other VM guests on a standalone ESXi 7.0 host.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

My initial thought was to create a guest VM that could use a web browser to access VM guest consoles.  This means accessing via the ESXi login page and having to provide credentials, which we don't want to do.

My next thought was to set up a VNC Client on the video proxy, and VNC servers on each of the other VM guests.  This is the path I'm following now.

Is there another possible solution for this?

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First time  I hear about this

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Actually a long time ago something (very) similar could be easily done using the VNC server integrated in ESXi, never really supported but that worked very well, AFAIK that "hidden" functionality was definitively removed from version 7 onwards and using the previous version the "integrated firewall " was a problem (I don't remember exactly when because many years have passed). I used that method more then 15 years ago to control the consoles of some virtual machines running vertical applications within an industrial automation solution.

Benefit? Removed almost all physical PCs and therefore the corresponding ordinary or extraordinary maintenance problems that can occur in harsh environments.

Another way, more current, could be the one documented here:
Then everyone must evaluate on their own, case by case, how to approach the problem and devise a solution suited to their specific needs.



A note: whatever the solution, never neglect the IT security aspects, they can bring the whole to its knees.