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Merging directories, renaming vmdks, editing vmx, svMotion

Hi all,



1 Cluster

8 Hosts

ESX4.1.0 502767 (U2)

7x Dell Equallogic PS6000 iSCSI


saw something similar on this thread: http://communities.vmware.com/message/1491942#1491942

I am doing some tyding up and because roles are (at the moment) a bit relaxed, people made a bit of mess on our vSphere environment.

We have got VMs with several vmdks with different names on different datastores:

Name: VM

Datastores: DS1, DS2 (fine, no problem to store vmdks on different datastores, not our concern).

list of vmdks (please note the underscore)

Hard disk1: VM_1.vmdk on DS2

Hard disk2: VM_4.vmdk on DS1

Hard disk3: VM_1.vmdk on DS1 (yes same name as hard disk1 but different datastore)

Hard disk4: VM_2.vmdk on DS2

Hard disk5: VM_2.vmdk on DS1 (yes same name as hard disk4 but different datastore)

Hard disk6: VM_3.vmdk on DS1

Hard disk7: VM_3.vmdk on DS2 (yes same name as hard disk6 but different datastore)

Browsing the datastores DS1 and DS2 I find the following structure:

DS1: Folder called VM (with vmdks and all other appropriate vm files, ie., log, vswp, nvram, ctk, etc)

DS2: Folder called VM_1 (only vmdks and ctk files)

Am I save to shutdown VM, move vmdk+ctk files from VM_1 folder on DS1 to folder VM on DS2, edit the vmx file and bring the VM back on???

I believe if I try a SVmotion of vmdks from DS1 to DS2 it will move the folder VM_1 rather than merging it with folder VM.

Comments and recommendations are much appreciated.


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