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Max VMs limit reached: 6 (2048 worlds) with nested ESXi 5.1

Setup nested ESXi as below:

1. Physical host has 2 sockets, 8 cores/socket for a total of 32 logical processors and 64GB of RAM

2. Physical host runs ESXi 5.5.0.

3. Nested ESXi (as VM) runs ESXi 5.1.0 update 2 [followed the instructions in http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2012/08/how-to-enable-nested-esxi-other.html ]

4. Nested ESXi is provisioned with 2 sockets, 4 cores/socket and 2 GB of vRAM

5. Created 10 linux VMs on the nested ESXi host (each with 1 vCPU + 48 MB vRAM)

6. When powering-on the 7th VM, below error message is seen


Could not power on VM : @&!*@*@(msg.vmk.status.VMK_VCPU_LIMIT_EXCEEDED)Number of running VCPUs limit exceeded.

Max VMs limit reached: 6 (2048 worlds)


I have looked at below discussions



ESXi 5.1 - Failed to power on VM. Max VMs limit reached: 200.

Former thread suggests increasing vRAM as a solution. Tried doubling the vRAM from 2 GB to 4 GB and the same issue is hit when powering-up the 16th VM

Is 6 VMs (or 15 VMs with 4GB vRAM) the best I can provision in this setup? I need to keep the vRAM at 2GB so as to fit as many nested ESXi hosts on this server.

Please clarify.

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2Gb is very little for ESX and is probably the reason for you running into this.

I would usually recommend 8GB for ESX.

// Linjo

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