MTU size for distributed vswitch portgroups


I can't find documentation on this but is it considered bad practice to globally set a distributed vswitch to 9000 MTU size but have certain vmk portgroups at 1500 MTU?  I thought this would be an obvious mis-configuration, but I can't find anything out there that specifically says not to do this.  Am I just missing it?  Is it considered ok to globally set your distributed switch to 9000 MTU and then some vmk ports are 9000 and some are 1500 and it's no issue?  Doesn't seem right. 

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MTU is a global setting in Standard or Distributed switches,

cannot be configured per port or port group level.

Sorry my mistake, let me take those statements back which I wrote earlier

Please refer following KB

VMware KB: Enabling Jumbo Frames on virtual distributed switches

It's obvious that you have some of those VMKs with Jumbo frames enabled, let's say you are using VMK to talk to IP Storage where you have enabled Jumbo Frames while another VMK doing FT logging where you have normal MTU of 1500 bytes, I guess it should be OK.

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