MPIO in ESX 4.0

I can't configure MPIO in ESX 4.0.

In server installed 2 HBA Qlogic QLE2560

Server connected to Storage. One LUN crated on storage.

In ESX 3.5 LUN is available from both HBA(see vmw1.jpg) and in "Manage Paths" Window I can see 2 paths(see vmw1.jpg)

In ESX 4.0 LUN is available only from one HBA(see vmw3.jpg). In in "Manage Paths" Window I can see only 1 path.

How can i configure MPIO in ESX 4.0?

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It should work the same.

Have you done a rescan? And checked the masking/zoning is correct?

Until the second HBA can see the LUN you won't be able to configure round robin.

Cheers, Ben Karciauskas Blog -
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