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Local Datastore - from VMFS5 to VMFS6


So process to change local datastore on ESXi 7.0U3 Host from VMFS-5 to VMFS-6 is to unmount it from the Host, delete it and then create a new VMFS-6 datastore using the same LUN.

So ESXi and related files reside in dedicated partitions that gets setup automatically during the install or upgrade and that will not be touched right by the above process? (VMFS-L and vfat)


VMFS-5       2.2T   2.0G      2.2T   0% /vmfs/volumes/ESXi01-datastore
VMFS-L       6.2G   4.0G      2.2G  64% /vmfs/volumes/OSDATA-6278e1a8-68d853c5-ef52-3ca82a1c2070
vfat       499.7M 248.9M    250.9M  50% /vmfs/volumes/BOOTBANK1
vfat       499.7M   0.0B    499.7M   0% /vmfs/volumes/BOOTBANK2


I also see the following files in the local VMFS-5 datastore that I will unmount and delete, should I concern about these since they will all get deleted?

Host only has the local datastore, using on a local vSwitch and datastore does not has SIOC enabled.



The VMs, ISO's etc. were migrated to another Host running ESXi 6.7 Host with also a local VMFS-5 datastore.

After this upgrade I should still be able to svmotion these back right? (And then repeat same process with this Server local datastore)


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You can do it and migrate your virtual machine to the datastore after recreation.

First, do unmount and then delete. Recreate and ...

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