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Linking and then later un-linking vCenter


Current setup is:

vCenter on Windows 5.5U2 (SSO on same host, VUM on same host)

ESXi 5.5U2 hosts.

1 datacenter

2 clusters

    1 - non VSAN cluster of hosts

    1  - VSAN cluster of hosts

2 vDS

400 VMs

I would like to stand up a new environment on new nodes based on vSphere 6.0U1 and using a fresh VCSA with a fresh database.

Once I have that environment setup, I would like to migrate the VMs out of the old vcenter into the new one.  Via vMotion without downtime of course.

I know I would need to get vCenter upraded 6.0U1 first. 

Then I would stand up the new VCSA, telling it to join with the existing SSO domain, but with a new site.

Then I would have the Vcenter's linked.. and be able to do the vMotions.

Once I fill up the new hosts, I would rotate hosts out of the old environment, wipe and load them and add them to the new.

Assuming that all went well and I now have all my VMs and hosts in my new vCenter and the old vCenter has no hosts in it.

Since the old vCenter was the first SSO installed... How would I get to the stage that I could remove the dependency on it and be able to remove it?

Rerun VCSA setup on the new vCenter?

Is this just a pipe dream to think this would work? 

The main reason behind wanting to do migrations instead of upgrading the hosts and just moving them to a new vcenter is an underlying lack of faith in our current vSAN.

We've had multiple issues (false failed MD's, lost SPBM policies, and orphaned objects/components that even vmware vsan people can not delete).

Thanks for any insights.


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