Large 6.5 Clusters - Thoughts


We are going to do a massive redesign of our environment.  One of the great changes is the removal of DEV/TEST/PROD application based clusters.  Over the last year we have removed dedicated Linux/Windows Clusters.  We also have removed deployment changes to ESXi Host design.  All ESXi Hosts are configured the same so that they can be moved from cluster to cluster when needed. Removing application tier based clusters is the next step.

Removing hardware model differences (blades vs rack servers), we are planning on large single clusters.  Disaster Recovery is not needed in this environment. All datacenters will be "PROD" as far as infrastructure and the application owners will make the choices on a VM being "DEV, TEST or PROD"  On-prem "cloud" model basically

Who has worked on clusters of 20 Hosts or more?  Stories? Challenges?  Things to do or even NOT to do?  Just looking for information.  We are going to move forward at this time with large scale homogeneous clusters.  I like to hear feedback on those who have done this before :smileylaugh:


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I have work with large cluster with 32 hosts, and since you will run prod/dev/test on the same cluster, my recommendation is to use Resource Pools to have some control of the resources, otherwise in contention, your test virtual machines can impact the production virtual machines.


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