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Issue with iSCSI device not showing up under "DataStores"

I really don't know what I did, but I was trying to extend a iSCSI LUN.  Using OpenFiler.  I have a cluster, currently mixed w/ ESX 4.1 and ESX 5 hosts.  My ESX 5 hosts I was able to get the iSCSI LUN to show up fine...but it's my ESX 4.1 hosts that I am having the issue on...

If I look at "Devices" under Storage, I see the LUN "t10.F405E46494C4542564C474F49613D283056485D297639524", however if i go to DataStores I got nothing for iSCSI LUN.  I've tried rescanning the HBA's no luck.


What sort of concerns me here is the LUN ID...if you notice in the screen shot, LUN ID 0 represents some local storage as well as the iSCSI device.

Furthermore I list my disks from the console  I.E. /vmfs/devices/disks is see the same iSCSI identifier but it's listed twice...the second has a :1 at the end...Normal?


How can I get that LUN back?  And WITHOUT REBOOTING the hosts.  I don't have a SAN...yea I know...painful, but am working toward getting one purchased cause this local storage is really a PITA...

If there is a way to forcibly remove the iSCSI device from all hosts, then I can go that route.  There is NO data on this LUN so I can delete it if possible...and since when I go into Devices and if I right click on the iSCSI LUN, I don't get any unmount, detach or delete options...

Any ideas?

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