Is this a Good Scenario to use Resource Pool?

Hi, I have three VM's that host a MongoDB (database).  Each VM has 2 virtual CPU's and 64G RAM.  The only reason for the multiple CPU's is because the daily data import (update/insert) process is really CPU intensive, and pegs both CPU's at 95-100% (there is lots of and compression/decompression during the import).  The import lasts about 1.5 hours, and the rest of the day the aggregate CPU usage averages 15-20%.  RAM has similar behavior.

This config seems like a waste of physical resources during the other 23 hours a day or am I looking at it wrong?  What would be an ideal config that would allow each MongoDB VM to grab the CPU resources that it needed (up to say... the equivalent of 4) during the database import process, but release all but the equivalent of 1 CPU to the cluster when it's done.  We update the 3 VM's in sequence and not simultaneously.  A resource pool perhaps?  Simply add more static CPU's to each VM?

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Remember when the vCPUs are idle they will not utilize any resources - not knowing the load when the DB import occurs but since they occur sequentially I think you can add addition vCPUs to your VMs

Resource will be called for when you need to insure there are sufficient resource for a group of VMs when those resources are being constrained -

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