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Intel NIC Found in PCI Device But Not in Physical NICS

Running ESXI 7.0. update 3 Standalone

I just bought an intel 82575EB dual port gigabit nic and installed it in my server, but it will not show up as a Physical NIC in esxi. if i ssh into the server and use   "esxcli network nic list" , only my onboard nic is listed, the new intel one doesnt. If i go to Manage/PCI Devices, i can see my new nic in there, SR_IOV Not capable and Passthrough Disabled (not sure if this means anything for a nic...).  What can i do to make it work? do i  need to install any drivers, or something else?   i did try installing the offline depot but they were all skipped, non updated nor installed. (i did try the same command but with "install" instead of update and it still skipped all of em..)

I took a screenshot of what im looking at, its attached below (sorry im new to this..)

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