IBM blade strangeness

An interesting one discovered here while looking at some potentially related networking issues on IBM HS22 & HS23 blade systems.

Noticing a massive number of errors in the syslog :

2015-04-11T23:10:01Z crond[10329]: crond: USER root pid 7750216 cmd /etc/cim/lenovo/

2015-04-11T23:11:01Z crond[10329]: crond: USER root pid 7291549 cmd /etc/cim/lenovo/

2015-04-11T23:12:01Z crond[10329]: crond: USER root pid 7209683 cmd /etc/cim/lenovo/

Extracting just those errors it's clear that they're running *every* minute and launched by cron. Looking at the crontab I find this line appended at the end:

* * * * * /etc/cim/lenovo/ # Refresh the firewall settings every one minute

Which does nothing but generate errors on the HS22 blades and returns some CIM data on the HS23 blades.

Given that all I'm getting are errors on the older blades, can anyone give me a reason to keep it around? This looks like a pretty ugly hack to me.

Environment :

ESXi 5.1U3 from IBM/Lenovo ISO

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The lines you have given are no errors. This is just cron invoking that shell script. This is coming from the Lenovo CIM provider. Nothing to worry about.Might be a status check for the storage cpontroller for example.

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