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Hypervisor Saturation?

We've been chatting about this lately and I wanted to put the question to you guru's. In the last few years we've seen processor and memory capability grow by leaps and bounds. Our current standard ESX3.5 box is a BL685c with 16 cores and 128GRAM. We will likely be moving to BL460's in the not too distant future. As it stands we could place a huge number (~100+) of vCPU's on a single box before we come close to any physical CPU/MEM thresholds (80%) with typical loads.

The question begs, has anyone experienced what I'll call hypervisor saturation for lack of a better term such that its ability to abstract resources for vm's becomes a bottleneck before your "physical" resources become taxed? If so how would you know?

Thanks for any replies.

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