Howto Restore VCenter 4.1


I have 4 esx-i host and 1 VCenter 4.1 U1 Server based on W2008 R2.

My hardware crashed - no change to repair.

So I ordered a new Hardware. Because of the hardware differences (RAID-Controller and NIC's) I think it's better to install the OS completely new.

I habe a backup from the "old" Server.

So after installing the VCenter 4.1 Software what I have to do to get the system working again (Configuration, getting the 4 esx-i server back in VCenter)?

I used HA and VMotion. I have also a backup of the SQL-Database.

Thank's for any reply.

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To restore vCenter 4.x, follow the below KB articles, might be help you.

VMware KB: Backing up and restoring vCenter Server 4.x and 5.0

VMware KB: Reinstalling VMware vCenter Server 5.x and 4.x

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