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How to virtualize a MSCS using vmdks as shared disk

Hello, I want to virtualize a test Microsoft Cluster with a SQL-Server instance using Cluster in a Box (CIB) <-- two cluster nodes on the same ESXi.

I have some SAN disks (quorum and SQL-Server data disks) and I don't want to use RDM disks.

Have you tried any virtualization of this type?

Thank you

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Hot Shot

When using multi-writer mode make sure you use cluster application that will use shared disk so that it ensure vmdk's integrity and consistency.

Enabling or disabling simultaneous write protection provided by VMFS using the multi-writer flag (10...

Pros and Cons of VMFS using multi-writer flag

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Not tried, but this is recommended to use CIB if you have virtual disks based storage. For CAB, you have to use RDM.