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How to use a ESXi 5.1 machine to create several "physical machines"

How to use an ESXi 5.1 machine to create several "physical machines"? Here I mean "physical machines" not really physical, but a few VMs that have physical monitor, keyboard, mouse, and audio sound.

I would like to eliminate several physical machines located in different rooms of my house, and replace them by several VMs running in one ESXi 5.1 box. But of course, I still need the physical user interface console like monitor and keyboard in each room, just not a computer host box. I would picture something like a very long monitor and keyboard cable to connect them from each room to the ESXi box which has multiple graphic cards installed. The features I will need the VM console in each room include the following:

* A big screen with high resolution, be able to watch YouTube or movie, but needn't be crazily fast like gaming.

* A keyboard and a mouse

* Sound output for watching video

* USB port so that I can plug in something like scanner, digital camera, Android cell phone, or hard drive etc.

* The connection between the ESXi box and the user interface in each room can be wired or wireless (preferable)

What would be the solution in general? What hardware will I need? Are there people already done so and is there any guide document available? Do you have some suggested readings?

Please assume that my ESXi 5.1 box motherboard has enough empty PCIe slots, if that matters.

I would like to hear different ideas if there isn't one obviously the best. Thanks.

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You have to use virtual desktop infrastructure products such as VMware Horizon View (VMware Horizon View (formerly VMware View) (VDI), Virtual Desktop Manager) and PCoIP (Protocol for remote access to a virtual machine) from Teradici (www.teradici.com).

In your case, you can convert your old desktops to thin client by using some free solution such as Tiny Core Builder For VMware View: http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=3446

Let me know, if you need to more information.

Davoud Teimouri - https://www.teimouri.net - Twitter: @davoud_teimouri Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teimouri.net/
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