How to provide Internet connection for ESXi on laptop.

Hello everyone I have installed ESXi on my lenovo ideapad y320 to create a Software Defined Network with mininet

I am new to VM products and i'm havinging a set back  here i don't know how to connect it to internet since esxi doesn't support wireless and my home doesn't have a wired connection.

and my other doubt is can I connect my laptop to the router to provide internet connection?

is that feasible?

If yes then how?

My laptop configurations are

Processor - Intel core i5 7th generation

RAM - out of the box it is 8GB but i added another 8GB to make it 16GB

and i have installed esxi 6

any suggestion would be appreciated...

Thank you.

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similar issue discussed here ESXi on home network

you need to connect through cable to the router however routers generally gives dhcp so might need to add some setting to make it static ip address



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