How to isolate multiple VMs of having same network config.

Hi pals

I have a requirement to build all the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 & 6 Labs on one ESXi5.1(IP . The Labs consists of eight modules. & for each module there is a server which acts as a Utility server (named as "" IP: to provide all the Network services including DHCP & DNS to the clients running applications. The network configuration of Instructor for all the modules are same but the services & data are different. I want to just simulate all the labs without changing the network configuration of the Instructor Machine. If i change the network setting of all the Instructor machines then it works without ip conflict but it has a lot of internal scripts which are not going to be executed.

So how can i do this, any suggestion is highly grateful.


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You will have to create fenced networks manually on the ESX,and for this you will need to build a "router vm", so you will be able to isolate the network traffic. You can see the example on the VMware doc:

It may seem difficult but once you have the router VM done you can clone it easily.

Marcelo Soares