How to find Device Model Name

Dear team,

I have below info (VID/ DID/ SVID / SSID) based on that will I able to find the model no / name of vmhba0/1/2

vmkchdev -l | grep vmhba

00:01:00.0 1000:0073 1137:0072 vmkernel vmhba0

00:0c:00.0 1137:0045 1137:0084 vmkernel vmhba1

00:0d:00.0 1137:0045 1137:0084 vmkernel vmhba2

Need ur assistance on the same.


Mr VMware

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi There,

Correct me if I am wrong are you looking to find the HBA details ? if yes please refer to below link

HBA firmware version | vmdude

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